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Grab 10 Brand New Premium Animated Ad Templates Instantly …
Save 62% And Claim 5 Fresh, Proven-To-Convert Templates Every Month …
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Hey this is Ryan and Chris to personally welcome you to AdReel.

You’re about to put the conversion power of animated video ads … the highest engaging ad style going … to use for yourself.

You’ll enjoy higher click rates and lower ad costs while maximizing your leads, sales and profits from every campaign.

And be able to quickly tap into the very best FB, InstaGram and YouTube traffic.

How To Make “Great” Even BETTER

Beta testers of AdReel were blown away by the animated templates. Not just how easy they make ad creation … but in how well the ads converted.

People raved that they were BOTH increasing leads & sales AND slashing their ad budget at the same time.

Which led to the obvious question from AdReel testers:

“How do we get our hands on even MORE top converting templates?”

After seeing how easy it was to tap into new niches with these animated ads …
AND providing them as a top-paying service to clients lining up to pay …

They wanted MORE. Why?

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time”
- Henry Ford

Effective advertising keeps you ahead of the competition. To STAY ahead, you need to be able to quickly run high converting campaigns that keep customers coming back.

But because advertising is always changing - what worked even a few months ago may not work today.

As more people see similar ad styles, they lose interest. Your click rates and engagement rates go down … and the ONLY way to keep your conversions high is by running new, completely FRESH ads your audiences haven’t seen before.

Winning Is Easy When You Always Get A Headstart

Everyday your competitors are testing new ads. Looking for an edge to steal your prospects.

You can sit back and take it, and slowly watch your profits dry up …
OR you can lead the way and set NEW standards that keep your conversions sky high.

When you’re the first to launch new ads that no one has seen before, you steal an unfair share of the market. By engaging your prospects on a level no one else can.

Fresh designs, fresh templates and fresh ads keep your click rates high …
Your ad costs low …
And your conversions keep going up.

After listening closely to the feedback of our AdReel testers …
Seeing the results from our own campaigns …

We came up with the solution to “income-proof” your business today, tomorrow and long term.


The AdReel Club

Brand New, Top Converting Animated Ad Templates Served Up Monthly

AdReel Club membership is YOUR ticket to:

  •  The highest possible ROI on ALL your ad campaigns from today onwards
  •  Minimizing your budget with super high CTRs and super low ad costs
  •  Consistently converting the best traffic out there into leads & buyers

As an AdReel Club member, you can say GOODBYE to:

  •  Tedious (but necessary) research to uncover which ad styles are converting the best
  •  Hiring expensive designers and ad copywriters
  •  Wasting HOURS struggling to come up with ad ideas for every campaign

Because you’ll get 5 premium, brand new animated ad templates every single month that will automate your conversions for you.

Explode Your Profits With Top Converting Animated Video Templates Like These:

Your Personal Supply Of Top Converting Animated Video Ads

Every AdReel Club template is built to get you the highest possible conversions.

Each month our researchers uncover top converting ads across the internet …
saving you hours of time & money trying to keep ahead of the competition.

This team filters ads based on click thru rate, cost per click and overall conversions …

Then we select the TOP PERFORMERS and our professional animators create stunning animated ad templates based on ad creatives PROVEN to convert.

These new templates are evaluated by a team of top-level marketers …
Then we pick the 5 BEST OF THE BEST to share only with AdReel Club members.

Your AdReel Club templates give you a never-ending source of profitable ad campaigns to run in any niche:

  •  Maximize engagement using fresh ads with industry-leading design & animation
  •  Enjoy greater VERSATILITY with templates you can customize for multiple campaigns
  •  Get the highest possible ROI using animated messages built from PROVEN TO CONVERT ads

Each new template syncs perfectly with AdReel’s Script Generator so you can let the software write your ad copy for you!

Here’s What Your Exclusive AdReel Club Access Will Do For You:

  •  Maximize your ongoing engagement, leads & sales with the very latest ad conversion strategies
  •  Save you hours of time researching the competition and buyer trends
  •  Give you more profitable niches to target with animated ads proven to work in different markets
  •  Diversify your income - by exploiting new markets, AND with a constantly growing library of ad templates you can sell to clients
  •  Let you effortlessly scale with even MORE ads to split test - with no learning curve and 2-minute ad creation, scaling your profits has never been easier

INSTANT Access To TEN Premium Animated Video Ad Templates

AdReel Club is normally pretty expensive - for 2 good reasons:

  • 1, The value and profit potential of each ad template members receive is incredible … to have these made yourself, you’d pay hundreds or more EACH
  • 2, We want to limit the number of people that can use these top converting designs, so that each member can maximize their profits

But as a new AdReel customer, we’re going to offer you an incredible deal …

And just for starters, load up your account with TEN new ad templates INSTANTLY. That’s right - when you join today, you’ll have ten completely new animated ad designs waiting in your dashboard.

Save Huge Now Or Pay More Later … The Choice Is Yours

Act now and you WON’T pay the $197 to join …
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Each of these templates costs us between $200 and $350 in design and development costs ALONE …

Not to mention the expenses and time we devote to our research team and independent testers …

All to hand deliver you top converting ad templates to maximize your profits in any niche.

Your $37 gives you real world value of between $1000 and $1750 … each and every month.

Plus you can go to the bank with these ad templates: each is created based on industry-leading conversions. Plug them in, customize for your promotions … get paid. Over and over again.

This is YOUR chance:

  •  Never pay for expensive ad designers or copywriters again
  •  Profit from top converting ads every time you run a campaign
  •  Tap into the hottest niches full of buyers proven to take action
  •  Have clients lining up to pay you monthly for fresh new ads you can create in minutes

Just hit the button below to reserve your membership now.

Get Instant Access to Adreel Club Now
Grab 10 Brand New Premium Animated Ad Templates Instantly …
Save 62% And Claim 5 Fresh, Proven-To-Convert Templates Every Month …
Maximize Profits & Lower Your Ad Spend … Guaranteed!

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Get Instant Access to Adreel Club Now
Grab 10 Brand New Premium Animated Ad Templates Instantly …
Save 62% And Claim 5 Fresh, Proven-To-Convert Templates Every Month …
Maximize Profits & Lower Your Ad Spend … Guaranteed!

Time is your BEST resource as a marketer, business owner or consultant.

Please don’t waste time doing things that don’t directly add to your bottom line. We can automate your advertising profits … so you can continue to build your business.

You know the competition is out there, just looking to steal your prospects and customers. Don’t let them. Keep your audiences engaged, entertained … and buying FROM you … with ads that outperform every single time.

AdReel Club is a solution for smart marketers that are serious about long term profits. We’ve spared no expense in putting together WINNING templates to make you SERIOUS money today, tomorrow, and long term.

So make the right choice to future-proof your income. Stay ahead of the competition. And work smarter, not harder.

Join AdReel Club today, and put our team of researchers, developers and marketers to work for YOUR business.

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